About Shoshana Kilman & Jessalyn Constantine

shosanajessalynOur Purpose

To deliver quality service to each and every client. Focusing on our clients Goals and collaborating our expertise and experience.

Our Core Values

Excellence: We always give our best as we relentlessly reach for and achieve ever higher levels of quality, service and efficiency.

Passion: We work with energy and enthusiasm of believing in what we do, giving more when less would do, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Presentation: We know that appearance does matter whether it’s our homes, our neighborhoods, our offices or ourselves. We never settle for less than the best, proving our pride and professionalism.

Integrity: We conduct our business and our lives by the yardsticks of honesty, fairness, and respect and are totally committed to keeping promises.

Completeness: We finish what we start and we check and recheck the details along the way to ensure that quality exists because of us.